Netfilx Original Stacks Up

When it comes to drama series, “House of Cards” dominates.  Being one of the first shows to only stream episodes online and premier them all at one time, it’s in a league of its own.  Even with only one season out, it took home an Emmy for Best Directing For A Drama and was nominated for in nine other categories, including Outstanding Drama Series, and Best Lead Actor and Actress.

This Netflix original is a drama fan’s dream show.  It is an altered version of a BBC series, which is based off of a novel by Michael Dobbs.  With the spellbinding duo of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright after the first few minutes you will be immersed into this political thriller.  Every second will leave you wanting more.

Spacey plays South Carolina’s Representative Francis Underwood, the House Majority Whip.  Underwood is a cunning, dark character whose powers of manipulation are uncanny. The series follows him as he exploits and uses others to satisfy his hunger for retaliation.  Wright is just as captivating as she plays Claire Underwood, Francis’s wife.

This groundbreaking Internet series cuts through the fourth wall as Spacey talks directly to the camera, something that is not seen very often.  With a total of 13 episodes for the first season and 6 different directors, “House of Cards” always has a new cinematic aspect to bring to the table.  It combines the production efficiency of a television show with the directorial control that is found with filmmaking, something that is not seen on television.  It is creative genius.

With all episodes posted on Netflix all at once, it is ideal for binge watching.