Macomb City Council Meeting - October 21

Nearly eight months after the snafu over the primary in Macomb’s second ward…the city is taking steps to clarify its election code.

On election night those months ago, it appeared Steve Wailand edged Kay Hill, 17-to-16.

But the county clerk ruled there should be a run-off because neither met the city’s threshold of 50-percent of the vote plus one to win. The city supported that ruling.

However, the case went to court after Tri States Public Radio pointed out city code contained no such rule. The code simply said candidates needed to win a majority…but it did not define what was meant by majority.

City Attorney Kristen Petrie read the official definition being discussed to be put in Macomb's municipal code. The term majority would be defined as "a number that is more than half of the total."

Petrie says the new definition for the city code comes word for word from the court order calling for the change.  

That court order also awarded the election to Wailand.

After the meeting, Mayor Mike Inman discussed the special census in response to the government shutdown.

The point of the census is to try and get more money for the city should more people be counted in the survey.

He said although the shutdown put the census on pause, it doesn't worry him.

"Even if we were to get the census wrapped up here as far as the field work fairly quickly," said Inman, "we wouldn’t expect to see the numbers probably until February."

Inman says he expects the census to be finished in mid-November.

Macomb City Hall