Macomb City Council Meeting - Week of October 7th

One of the topics discussed at the Macomb City Council meeting was the approval to amend a section of an agreement the city has with some of its employees.

Essentially, the agreement makes it so that all city employees (with the exception of police and firemen) have some different options when retiring.

A previously established option made it so that before an employee retires they could pay into the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, or IMRF.

This fund makes it so that when someone funds it before retiring, they can use the money that was paid into it to pay for medical expenses. Things like necessary medicine, Medicaid, etc. can all be paid via IMRF.

With the new agreement approved by the city council, employees have the choice of paying into the IMRF fund via hours they've accrued while working.

For example, if someone has saved their vacation time, sick days, personal leave, or other type of special time usage, they can be paid for all that time and use it to pay into the fund.

The only thing with this is that they can only use that plan once they've actually retired, not beforehand like the first option.

For more information on IMRF click here.

Another topic discussed at Monday's meeting was the approval to put up a certain sign at Chandler park that will promote a smoke-free environment.

Brett Stahl from the Public Health Department came last week to push for the area to be designated as a completely smoke-free area.

Three of the alderman were against banning smoking completely from the park, regardless of the butts that were left behind by smokers. Stahl brought tubes showing how many of those cigarettes get left around the playground areas.

The sign will be put up in hopes of encouraging people not to smoke in the area, especially with kids present.

Smoke-Free Environment

Brett Stahl from Public Health