New Girl, New Deal

The fall shows are hitting networks week after week. So you can expect to see your favorite series coming back on as well. Which means that Netflix is going to have full new season for you to watch. One of those binge worthy shows is the Fox comedy New Girl


The show just recently, struck a deal this summer with Netflix giving them the exclusive rights to stream there whole season as soon as the new season has aired. So right away all of the seasons of New Girl were put up on Netflix for users to see.


For those who aren’t familiar with this hit comedy series here is a snippet of what it’s about. Zooey Deschanel plays schoolteacher Jessica Day. After breaking up with her long time boyfriend the Spencer, she moves out and needs a new place to live. She ends up rooming with a three male roommate with very different and hilarious personalities. Schmidt, Nick, and Winston played by (in order) Max Greenfield, Jake M. Johnson, and Lamorne Morris. They try and navigate life with a new roommate and the crazy day-to-day life of dating, finding a job, and dealing with your roommates.


Now with the new deal you can watch all past episode of New Girl. If you have Hulu you can watch more recent ones to! Due to the deal Fox made with Netflix you can only catch them on Hulu for a short while before they have to be taken down. So catch up quick or just wait a year it’s up to you. Either way you’ll be blurry eyed and satisfied stuck on the Binge. 

New Girl