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Open Forums for 2012 Master Plan

WIU is holding two open forums for campus and community members to voice their thoughts and opinions on the universities Campus Master Plan.

Every five years the master plan is updated and it shows where the university may want new buildings, landscaping, or improvements across campus.

The architecture firm, Smith Group JJR, is making its final visit to the campus to present its final presentation. They have all ready make three previous visits in which they heard input from the campus.

“We try to get everyone’s inputs as much as we can. We have met with students, community members, and the city. They compile the information and tweak it and get it closer and closer to what we want as a campus. They listen to what students want, this is the campus’s plan, not their plan,” Scott Coker, Director of the Physical Plant, says.

The title for this year’s plan is “Enhancing Student Experience,” and the goal of the plan is to help students and make the university a better campus for them.

This final presentation will focus on highlighting proposed building and renovation initiatives and parking/traffic improvements.

“Parking comes up a lot, how folks get around and where do we put a parking garage or lot. Also, talk about improvements to buildings, classrooms, and hallways. We look at landscaping as well. It’s to make the campus a more enjoyable experience for students.”

Coker says this year the plan is concentrating on more smaller, manageable projects the university can do without requesting money from the state.

Open sessions will be held as follows:

  • Monday, Oct. 29, Campus Community and Student Focus Group Lunch: Noon-1 p.m., University Union Capitol Rooms

  • Tuesday, Oct. 30, Campuswide Open Forum: 1-2 p.m., Capitol Rooms
 and Macomb Community: 5:30-6:30 p.m., Macomb City Hall Community Room

If you have any other information or question, you can contact Scott Coker

2012 Campus Master Plan

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Open forums for Campus Master Plan on Oct. 29-30