Theatre and Dance

Meg Kremer   Dance minor   Exercise Science major   kremer


Why did you become a dance minor?

I developed a love for dance while dancing at the studio in my home town. I wanted to continue dancing and to further my dance education. My dance teacher encouraged me to look into college dance programs. I became a dance minor at Western Illinois University and it has been a great decision. Dance is my passion and the University Dance Theatre program has allowed me to create my own expressive art through dance. 

Do you take dance classes that cover several types of dance? Which is your favorite?

Through the dance program at Western I have taken a variety of dance classes including modern, ballet, jazz, dance composition, improvisation, and dance history. My favorite is modern because it incorporates learning modern technique along with self expression through movements.

Do you really get to know the dance faculty?

The dance faculty have become more than just faculty to me, Candace Winters-March, Heidi Clemmens, and Lara Little, have become my mentors and friends. Along with educating me in dance they have also helped me become a more rounded person. I believe the dance faculty at Western have made the program educational as well as enjoyable.

What will you do after graduation by combining a dance minor with a psychology major?

After graduation I plan to go to graduate school for physical therapy. I believe that I will use dance as a form of therapy and that the two will merge well. Personally dance will always be a part of my life.