Theatre and Dance

Lorenzo Rush   BFA Musical Theatre  Rush   


Are you learning “good” things in the classroom—does the classroom really help your craft?

The BFA program has educated me so much in regards to my professionalism and performance. They expect so much from you and that gives you so much to work with. Also, whatever your weaknesses may be, dancing, singing, or acting, they will not let you settle for mediocrity. They work with you night and/or day and will be completely honest with you, so that way you can never feel insecure. Even in my first semester in the BFA program I felt 100 times better then when I started. Now as a senior, I know that my success in my career will come directly from my hard work and their unwillingness to give up on me.

Do you get to work closely with faculty in classes or productions?

You absolutely get to work side by side with professionals who have worked in this industry. They teach you in the classroom and in rehearsal how to apply what you have learned in class, actual real life examples that you can comprehend. I have been pulled aside by many of my professors and been given advice that I still use today.  

Is the department a friendly environment or is it really competitive?

Both, in a GREAT way. It is competitive because the world is competitive, but they teach us to take care of one another and all of us have a willingness to help better each other. We are taught that in this environment, it is ok to have healthy competition because it prepares you for what is to come in this line of work. Whether you pursue a career that is in or out of a theatrical world, you still have competition. Needless to say that we all love each other immensely. We take care of one another and not in a fake way, we honestly care for each other and we're welcoming to any and every one. Lastly, what I like the most is that we all know how to separate our personal life from our professional.

Why do you stay at WIU as a student?

I stay as a Western student because Western Illinois University provides the best atmosphere for academic success which is ultimately why I came. Outside of the BFA program they have centers, faculty, and resources that are dedicated solely for student success. I truly feel that not succeeding wasn't an option that was given to me here at Western because that refuse to let you and that is what I needed the most.