Theatre and Dance

Arielle Leverett   MFA Acting  Leverett   

Why did you choose WIU's MFA program in acting?

First of all it was great auditioning for WIU. A school that can make me feel so comfortable that I can have a natural chat in an audition is one worth investigating. I met multiple professors and felt a good vibe from the students. I also loved how many opportunities there are to perform here. The curriculum pulled me in as well.

What is it like living in Macomb?

It was a bit of a transition moving somewhere far from a city. The nice thing about being in an MFA program in a small town is there is less of a distraction. Living here definitely helps me stay focused. Plus as long as you have good friends and you're making good theatre it doesn't really matter where you are.

Do you work closely with the faculty?

All the professors are willing to take extra time to work with you personally. I really appreciate knowing that if I need help with something, the faculty is there. I have probably worked the closest with Professor Bill Kincaid so far. He has a fantastic ability to help you solve an acting question or problem even when you’re not quite sure what you’re asking.

How do you manage class work, a graduate assistantship, rehearsals and performance schedules?

Well, I’m definitely busy! It is an intricate dance trying to balance my classes with my assistantship and shows. I think the key is to take on each task one at a time as opposed to getting overwhelmed with everything at once. Everything matters but dwelling on one task for too long will take away from the others.