Theatre and Dance

Nate Curlott  BA Acting option   Curlott


Are you learning useful things in the classroom—does the classroom really help your craft?

The classroom has never been a place that I've enjoyed going to, but when I came to Western, that all seemed to change. The staff here has wonderful knowledge and they make learning the material enjoyable. I was just talking with a friend of mine the other day and we both agreed that we feel sorry for non-theater majors, simply because they will never get the chance to be taught by such wonderful, enthusiastic, and unique individuals.

Do you get to work closely with faculty in classes or productions?

In the years I have been here, I have had the pleasure of acting with faculty in 4 different productions and I hope that is something that every theater student can experience at least once in their career. To watch a faculty member work alongside of you is truly an eye-opening experience and a treat. It is an honor to see how they go about conducting themselves more as a performer than a teacher.

What do you see yourself doing after graduation?

When I graduate, like every other prospective performer, I plan on immediately looking to find work. My long term goals are to earn enough living as an actor, be it on the stage or the screen, to financially provide for my family. The only way to do that is to throw my name out there like candy and audition, audition, audition so that I may hope to follow in a long string of successful Western graduates.

Why did you choose WIU when you are from Iowa?

My search for the right college was a difficult one to say the least. My father went to Western Illinois, so I always loved seeing him come back to the campus that put a little more light in his eyes. In looking for the right school, I decided to go at it and look more for the things that I DIDN'T like over the things that seemed to get me excited for the college life. With Western Illinois, I simply could not find anything that I didn't enjoy. The whole faculty and staff was caring, the campus is beautiful (not too big, not too small), and, just as I hoped it would, the Theatre program has opened up opportunities for me that I know I would not have been able to get anywhere else.