Theatre and Dance

Tori Breedlove   Dance minor   Psychology major    Breedlove


Why did you become a dance minor?

I became a dance minor because I have such a huge passion for dance. I have been dancing since I was very young and have had this passion my entire life. This love for dance made me realize that I wanted to become a dance minor. My dance instructor from my hometown also recommended that I pursue a dance minor at Western because they had such a great program.

Do you take dance classes that cover several types of dance? Which is your favorite?

I have taken different levels of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Modern. I am currently taking composition and will be taking Improv, as well. My favorite class would have to be Modern because the movements are so free and you can express your inner feelings.

Do you really get to know the dance faculty?

I think that getting to know the faculty depends on how involved you are in the program and University Dance Theatre. I am involved in both. By being involved and committing myself to these things, I have gotten to know my faculty very well and they are extremely helpful, encouraging, and supportive.

What will you do after graduation by combining a dance minor with a psychology major?

By combining my Psychology major and dance minor, I plan to attend grad school and receive my masters in dance therapy. Dance Therapy is a psychological treatment in which movement and dance are used to express and deal with feelings of many different types of people. I can't wait to start helping people overcome their life struggles through the power of dance!