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Andrew and Jessie Hainline Theatre

The Hainline Theatre

hainline theatre

The Hainline Theatre is a part of Browne Hall, which houses the department offices, along with the College of Fine Arts and Communication and School of Music. Four Mainstage productions and two dance concerts are presented in this theatre each year. This proscenium theatre seats 387.

The theatre is equipped with two ETC Sensor racks with the capacity of 96 dimmers each. The lighting inventory includes nearly 500 conventional instruments and 13 robotic and semi-robotic fixtures. Control is provided by an ETC Obsession II board. The theatre contains complete audio and video monitor systems. Sound reinforcement and playback and multi-channel output interface feed a 24/8 Mackie mixer. Laptop computer control uses Logic Pro and Audacity software. There are 39 T-track fly lines. Dressing rooms are located directly behind the stage.