Theatre and Dance

Brophy Dance Studio


The facilities for WIU’s dance program in Brophy Hall are among the finest of any sizeable dance program. The large, state-of-the-art studio, which is used for classes and rehearsal, also accommodates 150 audience members for concerts. Adjoining the main studio are the Pilates Studio and a rehearsal room equipped with mirrors, make-up areas, dance barres, and dressing spaces. Mirrors and ballet barres cover one wall of the studio.

The floor is covered with marley over a Rosco, sprung sub-floor. A sky drop hangs at the back of the studio, and masking flats at the sides are available for performances as well as classes. The studio ceiling is engineered with a stage lighting and sound system, allowing this generous classroom space to easily transform into a black box for performances, complete with essential theatrical illusion.

Brophy houses the Department of Kinesiology, which provides access to various amenities conducive to the maintenance of healthy dance bodies. Some of the other facilities in Brophy are therapeutic treatment rooms, a swimming pool, gymnasium, and an athletic training complex complete with emergency first aid supplies and access to conditioning equipment.