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Speech Pathology and Audiology Future Majors!!

We are having a SPA DAY and you are invited

The faculty, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students want to show you everything that WIU Speech-Language Pathology has to offer. You will observe clients in our Speech-Language Clinic and Hearing Clinic. You will attend a portion of the SPA 100 Introductory Course, learn to write your name phonetically, discuss our new American Sign Language (ASL) minor, and have the opportunity to ask all of us questions.

Thursday November 18th 11:00-2:00

Memorial Hall 2nd Floor

Western Illinois University Speech-Language Hearing Clinic

RVSP Amanda Silberer AB-Silberer@wiu.edu

spa day

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Speech Pathology Graduate Open Houses Open House

Prospective Graduate Students Meeting

Come meet with us to learn more about WIU’s Speech Language Pathology Master’s Program!

Join us in person or online.

  • Tour the WIU SPA Clinic
  • Meet the faculty
  • Meet current graduate students
  • Discuss program requirements
  • Participate in a mini-lecture

Date and Time: Saturday, October 23, 2021 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

To RSVP contact Dr. Julie Cox at (JL-Cox3@wiu.edu)

Comfort Circle

Our Comfort Circle Family Support Group has been postponed until Fall 2021.

Please email Haleigh Ruebush, Hm-Ruebush@wiu.edu to request being added to our email chain for updates.

speak out

SPEAK OUT! ® and The LOUD Crowd ® Clinics for Parkinson's Disease

The Western Illinois University Speech-Language-Hearing is proud to bring an innovative voice treatment for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease to the region. SPEAK OUT! ® and The LOUD Crowd ®, were developed by the Parkinson Voice Project based on principles of the late Dr. Daniel R. Boone. The technique teaches individuals with Parkinson’s Disease to convert speech from an automatic function to an intentional act.

Individuals will begin with an evaluation to determine candidacy for the program. Those who are candidates will participate in approximately 5-6 weeks of individual speech therapy sessions (SPEAK OUT!) two times per week. All sessions will be led by a graduate student clinician and supervised by a speech-language pathologist trained in the techniques. Candidates will also begin attending The LOUD Crowd group sessions that meet once per week. Participants are welcome and encouraged to attend The LOUD Crowd on an ongoing basis in order to maintain their skills.

If you or a loved one is living with Parkinson’s Disease, it is never too early to begin speech therapy. Approximately 90% of those with PD will experience difficulty communicating. The WIU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic is actively seeking candidates to begin offering SPEAK OUT! and the LOUD Crowd in September 2019.

For more information on SPEAK OUT! or The LOUD Crowd, contact Julie Cox or by calling (309) 298-1955.

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**Due to COVID-19 and the vocal projection this therapy requires, all SPEAK OUT! sessions must be conducted virtually.**

WIU Students Raise Over $10,000 to help Non-Speaking Students in the Region

MACOMB, IL – The Western Illinois University Speech and Hearing Clinic recently raised $10,250 in 10 days to purchase iPads with communication software to help non-speaking students in regional school districts.

The Gifting a Voice Campaign ran from Oct. 10-20, which had an initial goal of $5,000, with money raised by students in the WIU Speech Pathology and Audiology program.

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iPad fundraiser