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Victoria House

Victoria House
Undergraduate: University of Missouri-Columbia; Anthropological Archaeology.
High School: Nazareth Academy; LaGrange Park, IL
Career Goals: National Museum of Natural History: Hall of Bones or The Irish American Heritage Center of Chicago.

Victoria was born in Dubuque Iowa, began her school career in the suburbs of Chicago and had traveled extensively on four continents before beginning high school. Experiencing everything from the Louvre to Space Camp; she loved it all. Especially the old stuff (the older the better). Whether resting at Stratford upon Avon or spending the night in a Rotorua (where Victoria developed a passionate interest of the Maori people) it was the idea of tradition, the established and time-honored aspects of "the people".

It was while working on a Bloomsburg University and SUNY Geneseo excavation of a Hopewell Native American settlement that she discovered an intense interest in work with human remains. That combined with Victoria's enthusiasm for Irish culture/history, and Maori culture/history made the program here at Western Illinois University a perfect fit! Planning to pursue education and academics "probably forever it is also a goal of hers to one day make a contribution to Smithsonian Museum of Natural History's Osteology: Hall of Bones. When not "boning up" on her studies Victoria enjoys skating Roller Derby where she is known as Skeletor-i, playing her cello, epee/foil fencing, and dabbles in stand-up comedy and sketch performances.