Museum Studies

Meet Our Alumni

2011 Graduate

Carrie Borcher

Carrie JD Borchert is from Ankeny, IA. She received her B.A. in History with a minor in Art History from the University of Iowa in 2009.

Carrie was glad to be able to combine her various passions for education, museums, and cultural history into a professional career path. She worked as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Education at the Figge Art Museum.

In the future, she'd like to lead a career in the museum field and obtain further degrees in History and Art History studying African Art, Native American Art, or European History.

She enjoys traveling, Rick Steves' Travel books, African Art, various local farmers markets, Augustana Track and Field, and Augustana Cross Country.

After living in France for a year, Carrie now resides in Iowa City, Iowa with her husband Nick and their cat, Queenie.