Performing Arts Society

Youth Performing Arts Series

The Youth Performing Arts Series (YPAS) offers live arts performances on the WIU campus to area schoolchildren in grades K through 8.  For many of these schoolchildren, YPAS performances represent their only live arts programming opportunity during the school year. 

All YPAS programs are offered at  no cost  to participating schools.  This unique opportunity is only possible with the financing from the Performing Arts Society.  Moreover, the cost to transport students to campus is partially subsidized by PAS. 

PAS members believe that the thrill of attending a live performance is something every child should experience. We are proud to offer a series of special performances free of charge to area schoolchildren.  More than 6,000 area schoolchildren benefit from YPAS performances each year.  Since 1984, more than 100,000 children attended a YPAS event.


We invite teachers to make reservations by contacting Mike Musick at 309-298-3571 or via e-mail at