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41st Annual WIU Jazz Festival

February 15, 2014—Junior and Senior High School Competition

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Junior High and High School Big Band and Combo Competition, Seven Divisions, as follows:

1. Junior High and Middle School 2. 1A Senior High Schools (up to 300 students)
3. 2A Senior High Schools (301 to 600 students) 4. 3A Senior High Schools (601 to 1000 students)
5. 4A Senior High Schools (1001 and up) 6. Senior High Second Bands
7. Combos


Each band will be allowed to perform up to 20 minutes. Trophies will be presented to the best three bands in each class. In addition, a grand champion trophy will be awarded to the best band in the high school small division (Class A & AA) and the large division (Class AAA & AAAA).

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Payment Information

Please enclose your entry fee of $220 with this form. Deadline is December 1, 2013. Return on or before this date. Applications postmarked after December 1 will require an additional $25 fee.

Mail to: University Bands

Western Illinois University

1 University Circle, Sallee 202

Macomb, IL 61455