Senior BA’s are on “The Home Stretch”

The BA Senior Exhibit in the University Art Gallery opening reception for “The Home Stretch” will be on Tuesday November 27 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The exhibit will feature works in a variety of mediums by Senior BA students–Corey Johnston, Kati Tunget, Ashley Lawless, and Brandon Strode.

Artists’ Statements:

Necklace by Corey Johnston

Before I create a piece of art I completely clear my mind. Without all of those distractions, I am able to focus on what I want to make. This focus holds my attention until I complete the work, or I’m satisfied. Completing a work of art is a long and arduous process because I must physically make every aspect of the piece by hand. Steel, plaster, and wood are the mediums that I enjoy working with the most. I use both found objects as well as store bought in order to contrast between the joy of coming across exactly what I’m looking for and the normalcy of simply going out and buying it. I enjoy the benefits and limitations of these objects because they balance out the work visually. The idea of stationary verses mobile is a strong inspiration for me because of the standard that each one sets. My goal is to take that baseline and blur it to show the viewer that art is not a black and white process. Corey Johnston

Underneath It All by Kati Tunget

Art to me is a form of expressing who you are, where you come from and what you believe in. I often find myself revisiting my hometown when in need of inspiration; a town where the history means everything. I love to experiment with a variety of materials and themes although photography is my passion. I pay extra special attention to each detail, from the simplest to the more meticulous.

An abandoned café, a rotting barn, charred wood and rust are just a few things that I find intriguing. Finding the beauty in the destruction and decay of my immediate surroundings; my artwork spotlights the beauty of destruction as it tells a story through the layers of paint, broken windows and the rusted nails and screws. Expressing these stories through my artwork, allows me to grow as an artist as I experiment with different media. Showcasing the beauty of decay, whether it is in relief sculpture or photography is what I strive for. Kati Tunget

Ashley Lawless

All my life different passions and interest have sparked my ability to create unique pieces that I can only imagine. I choose to draw from what comes from my mind purely because my ability to reproduce what I see in my surreal world has more life and dynamics that I simply cannot find easily in the physical world. My strengths are built around observing everyday life and recreating what I would like to see added to it, however my work may not be perceived by my audience. Life is too short to not use your imagination to its full potential.
Ashley Lawless

Crow by Brandon Strode.

I am a Graphic Designer, my work is based on the fact that my work needs to catch the publics eye and give them information quickly. I like to create clean simple eye catching designs in my Graphic Design work, I focus greatly on the type of font that is used in a design to ensure that the message and fonts convey the same feeling. I embrace negative space and create tension at my borders to stand apart from others. I am also always interested in learning new art forms that make my designs stronger. When I learn a new art style I often times will ask how i can bring parts of this into my design work, but also how can I bring my design style into this new medium. This blend of traditional and not traditional art mentality helps keep me progressing in my field of Graphic Design. Brandon Strode

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