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The Austerity of Hope.  Micah Spayer first row left.

The Austerity of Hope. Micah Spayer first row left.

Micah Spayer, BFA 2009, is in a new production, The Austerity of Hope, in NYC.

According to
ELR Productions, LLC will present the Off-Broadway premiere of THE AUSTERITY OF HOPE, a new drama by Dan Fingerman about gay relationships set to the backdrop of the 2008 Obama campaign, with previews beginning Friday, October 19th on the mainstage at the Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex, 312 West 36th street. The official opening will be on Sunday, October 21, 2012. Dan Dinero Directs.

THE AUSTERITY OF HOPE “exposes the interpersonal dynamics of a group of gay friends in Astoria Queens and the issues they and young adults across the country confronted during the 2008 election of Barack Obama – relationships, careers, finances and sex. During a period that famously renewed the spirit of politics in America, they begin to balance their excitement for the hope he promises with the realization that true change might only come from within each one of them.”

The cast of THE AUSTERITY OF HOPE includes Akeem Baisden Folkes, Todd Flaherty, Derrick Ledbetter*, Lee Garrett,Kohler McKenzie*, Jacob Perkins, Emily Rieder, Max Rhyser*, Micah Spayer* and Anni Weisband.

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