Walters’ Double Whammy–Halloween and NASA!

From the Peoria Journal Star:

Labyrinth 2 by Bruce Walters

Labyrinth 2 by Bruce Walters

PEORIA —Bruce Walters loves a good mystery, but not the kind you read in a book. It’s the mysteries of life that get Walters.

In two major projects, the Davenport-based artist is exploring two seemingly dissimilar mysteries — Halloween and NASA.

“They seem on the surface like dead opposites, but they are both about exploring the unknown,” explained Walters during a recent telephone interview. “Halloween is about remembrance of the dead, NASA is about looking at outer space, at what is truly unknown. One deals with superstition, and the other is looking at the subject more objectively.”

Walters’ long-term project, “Halloween Flight,” will be on display at the Contemporary Art Center through Oct. 26. As an added bonus, he will also show some of the videos that comprise “Exploring NASA” during the exhibit.

“Exploring NASA” is Walter’s newest endeavor. Both projects have roots in the artist’s youth. Like many children of his generation, Walters, 57, was fascinated with space travel. He was a big fan of John Glenn, and was amazed to learn that his graphic design students at Western Illinois University didn’t even know the famous astronaut.

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