Ryan Kelly visits WIU Art Department

Ryan Kelly workshop at WIU

Ryan Kelly workshop at WIU

The Western Illinois University Art Department, the Visiting Lectures Committee, the University Theme Committee and the Provost’s Office welcomed Visiting Artist Ryan W. Kelly February 6-10th, 2012.

Ryan’s work presents a discovery of new media and technology in regards to collaborative and interdisciplinary practice, posing questions of pedagogy, research, and learning. Ryan Kelly visited with students and educators alike lecturing on the expansion of the ever re-evaluated practice of artistic production prior to and after the use of new technologies. He continues to question the depth of understanding within the context of the continually changing definition of art.

While visiting WIU Kelly presented several workshops; juried a Student Exhibition; gave a formal artist talk and helped with interactive exhibition.

Shawn Spangler and the department of art would like to thank Ryan W. Kelly for his time and the numerous contributors for support to make Kelly’s visit possible.

For information concerning Kelly’s visit or the Clay Club, please contact Shawn S. Spangler at SS-Spangler@wiu.edu

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