Socks for Soldiers

Socks for SoldiersKappa Pi International Honorary Art Fraternity will be holding a sock drive in the University Union Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday October 25, 26, and 27 from 10-5 pm for the United States Marine Corps, 2nd Battalion, located in Afghanistan, Helmand Province. All donated socks must be new and in regulation colors: white, black, gray, brown, or army green. All socks must be 100% cotton. A table will be set up in the Union ground floor concourse.

Additionally, the members of Kappa Pi will be collecting socks at Farm King on Saturday, October 29 from 10-5 pm.

The United States Government does not provide greatly needed socks for our troops. Soldiers often wear the same pair of socks for over a week. Without fresh clean socks these brave men and women can get trench foot and other immersion foot syndromes.

Liz Bystry, Kappa Pi President is the sister of Private 1st Class David Bystry. Liz says, “The simplest things we take for granted mean so much to them.” “My brother has told me he is out in the field for two weeks without a shower, and a clean pair of socks is a God send.”

Show your support for David and other active soldiers simply by donating socks. Please help us collect socks for our fellow Leathernecks!

Sponsored by: Kappa Pi International Honorary Art Fraternity, Delta Delta Chapter, Liz Bystry, Kappa Pi President,

For drop off or pick-up assistance:
Call Susan Czechowski (309)333-7455
Drop Off Locations:
• University Union Ground Floor Concourse: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday October 25, 26 and 27 from 10-5 pm.
• Farm King entrance: Saturday, October 29 from 10-5 pm.

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