If you haven’t already…help the band get dressed!

WIU Marching Leathernecks new uniform

WIU Marching Leathernecks 2011 new uniform

The Marching Leathernecks are hoping for new threads for the fall 2011 marching band season.  They’ve picked out a design, they’ve gotten a very lovely gift from Gene Teeter to start the campaign, and lots of people have helped with a contribution.  But have you???

Now’s the time.  Step up and make a donation and stand back for the fall season because the Marching Lethernecks are going to tear up the field in their newly designed uniforms…we hope.  Make this happen.

Just click on the link here and then donate on line there.  You can do it!  The Marching Leathernecks  still need your help.

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