Kreider is Leaving WIU for WVU

Paul Kreider, Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication, WIU, 2004-2011

Paul Kreider, Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication, WIU, 2004-2011

Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Students:

Having been asked to write a farewell message becomes a difficult task. To find the words to adequately express how wonderful an experience it has been to serve the college is not easy; thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you. The past seven years have been fulfilling and rewarding. To watch this college grow in stature within the university and community, in its commitment to outreach, and in its commitment to students while providing a quality education – this truly has been a rewarding experience for me witnessing everyone’s excellent work in making all this happen.

Additionally, I will miss the many friends in Macomb and this community. It has been wonderful living in a community that values the college and its programs, while ensuring a quality of life for its children and families. The support of the community has been tremendous for which I am forever grateful.

I would be remiss if I did not thank the excellent people who make up the dean’s office staff. This group of individuals, Cathy Null, Mick Cumbie, Khaing Saw, Mike Musick, Bertha Morrow, Kelly Harkey and Louise Reynolds, truly embraced efforts to market, manage, strategize, recruit, and raise money. Their commitment to college faculty, staff, and students is first-rate. They have assisted you with many initiatives, including surpassing all fundraising goals. I have valued their work and know they will continue their efforts for future college leaders.

During the last seven years the university has seen a crisis in cash flow, which has hurt us all and delayed our efforts to make improvements and purchases. Despite this, the PAC moves forward, the renovation of Memorial Hall is complete and plans are moving forward for renovation of the Heating Plant Annex and for a new Visual Arts Center. There are still other issues of which I know central administration is aware and supports future remedies. I have appreciated everyone’s understanding and patience of the broader state and university issues affecting the college. Your professionalism is valued and appreciated. Through this difficult time I must recognize and thank the chairs and directors of the college’s units who have worked diligently to advocate needs and issues, and to keep communication flowing and morale high.

Looking forward to our move to West Virginia, I am excited about the opportunity and a move, which also affords us a chance to be closer to family. Please look us up if you are ever in the area.

Finally, I wish you much success and happiness in the future. Please know that you can make a difference in the lives of others with each committed effort, no matter how large or small. You have made a difference in my life – I sincerely thank you.

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