COFAC Faculty and Staff Have Worked for Years…and Years and Years

Western Illinois University recently celebrated its 28th Annual Employee Service Recognition evening and COFAC was well represented. Congratulations to all the COFAC employees and their service for all those years.

Thirty Years
Mary Beth Smith, Art

Twenty-five Years
Michael Ericson, Music
Mary Hughes, Music
Cheryl Matteson, Music

Twenty Years
Janece Clough, Art
William Hoon, Broadcasting
Catherine Null, College of Fine Arts and Communication
Donna Quesal, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Robert Quesal, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Fifteen Years
Eric Ginsberg, Music
Nancy Richbark, Television Services
Lynn Thompson, Music
Michael Thompson, Television Services

Ten Years
Carolyn Blackinton, Theatre and Dance
Patricia Brown, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Jason Conner, Theatre and Dance
Susan Czechowski, Art
Mark Dial, Television Services
Michael Fansler, Music
Nathan Miczo, Communication
Khaing Saw, College of Fine Arts and Communication
Philip R. Weiss, Television Services
Michael Yadgar, Television Services

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