Calling All Comm Alums

Communication Alumni Where Are They Now?

Communication Alumni Where Are They Now?

Attention all Communication Alumni (majors and minors). The Department of Communication is starting a communication bulletin board within the halls of Memorial Hall. Yes, we have moved back to our old home, and yes, we are talking about a bricks and mortar bulletin board!

We want to feature past communication majors and minors on this bulletin board. This board will be used as a recruiting tool for communication. Photos always attract attention and many people are curious about what they can do with a communication degree. By featuring past communication graduates, students will have a much better idea of how they can use their communication major/minor.

We will not post your address or contact information with your name unless you want us to. We would like to have a photo and a brief description of what you are doing now and how your communication studies helped you.

If you would like to be a part of this great recruiting effort, please send us a photo and brief blurb/description of what you are doing now. Make sure to include your name, position title, company name, and your contact information. If you do not want to send us a photo, then we can just put up your blurb.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon. Please send your information to

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