More PR on Romig at Copland House

Associate Professor James Romig

Associate Professor James Romig

From University Relations.

James Romig, an associate professor of theory and composition in Western Illinois University’s School of Music, is one of 10 composers nationwide to receive an Aaron Copland Award, which grants him a coveted all-expenses-paid Copland House Residency this summer.

The four-week residency will allow him the opportunity to work on multiple projects while at Copland House, including music for wind ensemble, solo piano and string quartet, said Romig (pronounced ROW mig).

“Residencies like Copland House allow a creative artist time to work, uninterrupted by mundane tasks that take up so much time when one is at home or at school,” he added. “Copland House is especially appealing for its quiet seclusion in the woods of upstate New York, and of course for its incredible history.”

Read the whole press release.  And once again, a big congratulations to James Romig.

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