Symphonic Wind Ensemble in Brazil Video Memories

WIU Symphonic Wind Ensemble in Rio de JanieroPhil Weiss, BA 1998 and University Television Production Coordinator, has produced 4 separate videos of highlights of the SWE’s incredible trip to Salvador, Brazil during spring 2010 semester. Weiss is working on a video of the whole trip which will include the SWE visit to Rio De Janiero as well. But for now, here is a teaser of what’s to come.

“Highlights” doesn’t really do these videos justice. These videos are extremely well done documentaries of the trip.

You will hear from the WIU students whose lives have been changed by this trip. You will hear from the directors, Mike Fansler and Shawn VonDran, about what it’s like to be in another country with students some of whom had never been out of the states. And you will hear from Doug Adair, WIU alum and resident of Brazil, who helped make this trip possible by arranging visits for the SWE to perform and share their love of music.

You can read about the trip on the On the Beat blog.

These are the links to the videos.

Eventually, the documentary of the whole trip will be available as a DVD for purchase through University Television. We will let everyone know when the DVD is available.

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