The Sweet Stuff Gets a Sweet Review

Carl Lindberg and Colin Wasmund in The Sweet Stuff

Carl Lindberg and Colin Wasmund in The Sweet Stuff

Chicago theater critic Jake Lindquist gives The Sweet Stuff a very “sweet” review on the Chicago Critic website.  According to Lindquist, Colin Wasmund, MFA 2009, gives a performance that “ranks among the best performances I have seen this year.”  He continues and says Carl Lindberg, MFA 2009, “is also strong and convincing, doing a particularly good job with hiding the truth beneath his cool exterior.”  With the cast made up completely of WIU MFA grads–Wasmund, Lindberg, Ashlee Edgemon, MFA 2010, and Jessica Snyder, MFA 2010, it is great to see Lindquist say it is a  “very enjoyable ensemble.” And he has high praise for director Emily Cherry, MFA 2009, as well.

Lindquist doesn’t forget to mention Chased by an Elephant theatre company as well–”This production rivals those of well-established non-equity storefronts and makes me very excited for the future of Chased by an Elephant and playwright Jayme McGhan.  Keep an eye out for them.”

You will want to read the review yourself.  It’s full of kudos for WIU’s finest.

See Theatre in Chicago for more information on the continued run of The Sweet Stuff.

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