Summer Music Camps Huge Success

Senior High Piano Camp at Summer Music Camp, WIU

Senior High Piano Camp, Summer Music Camp, WIU

There’s a place away from home that no one knows about.  Where you meet friends that are forever and have opportunities that are worth a life time.  Once you get there you need to appreciate every second because in that week at Summer Music Camp I learned so much….I was there for the experience…to learn music, to improve my skills, gain confidence, to meet friends, and to experience a camp…dedicated to a thing I love, music.  You can’t even imagine how fun this camp is, and once you get there you’ll never wish to leave because even being there for just a week makes you want to stay there forever. WIU Vocal Music Camper, Rome Hamm, Macomb Illinois

Need we say more?  Rome and her brother Britain had a pretty good time at Summer Music Camp!  Their mother Annette goes on to say, “Choir camp at WIU has consistently made a difference in our children’s lives, deepening and enlarging their appreciation of music and exposing them to the opportunity to be independent while in a safe environmnet surrounded by friends.”  Annette says that according to Rome, “there is none of the drama that is so much a part of kids’ lives; she says that at choir camp, ‘There is just the music.’”

You can’t buy that kind of endorsement.  Thanks to all the students, faculty, parents, and staff that make Summer Music Camp at WIU such a special time and place where “There is just the music.”

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