Broadcasting’s Edsall has been Busy

Sam Edsall, Professor, BroadcastingSam Edsall, broadcasting professor, has really been busy this spring.

He attended the Broadcast Educators Association conference in Las Vegas to present ”Storytelling in a Hurry: Creating the 15-second Promo Assignment.”  He also served as a respondent on another panel at the Broadcast Educators Association conference.

He participated in the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research 5th Annual Western Illinois University Innovations in Teaching Forum by presenting a poster session on iTunes U.

Edsall presented on the use of screen capturing software to create Vodcasts and their incorporation in iTunes U at WIU Tech Fest 2010.

He also served as a Moderator for WIU’s Undergraduate Research Day. Three of his students
presented their work.

  • Frank Gutierrez:  ”Storytelling Over the Air - Crafting a Radio Comedy Program”
  • Calvin Killian: “The Creative Process Though Stop Motion Animation”
  • Steven Peach: “Action Figure Stop Motion Animation”

And finally, Edsall presented at Faculty Summer Institute 2010 at the University of Illinois–”Mixing it up: Incorporating Mobile Media Content in Your Lessons through the Use of iTunes U.”  For an overview of FSI, and to see Sam’s comments, check out this little video.

That’s a very busy man!!!

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