COFAC Spring 2010 College and Department Scholars

The College of Fine Arts and Communication is very pleased to announce the spring 2010 College and Department Scholars. These students are not only extremely accomplished academics, but they are also very active in their departments—as artists, musicians, actors, scientists, and service providers. If you know any of these students, please congratulate them on their amazing accomplishments.

Each semester, the departments nominate department scholars—one for each of their degree programs. The College Scholar is chosen from the department scholars.

Congratulations to these spectacular students—and to the faculty who have so carefully and thoughtfully mentored these students.

College Scholar

Jonathan J. Wilson, Wonder Lake, IL: Bachelor of Music

Department Scholars


Justin Hill, West Burlington, IA: Bachelor of Fine Arts

Mary Brooks, Smithfield, IL: Bachelor of Arts


Christopher Barnes, River Forest, IL: Bachelor of Arts


Allison Tinnon, Elmhurst, IL: Bachelor of Arts

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Kate Elizabeth Harrington, Macomb, IL: Bachelor of Science


Allison E. Marcum, Joliet, IL: Bachelor of Arts


Kari R. Warning, Camp Point, IL: Bachelor of Arts

Colleen Johnson, Effingham, IL: Musical Theatre, Bachelor of Fine Arts

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