Rich Egger, Alex Degman, and Nick Wilkens Win

alex and rich

The Tri States Public Radio news team recently garnered a trio of awards in the Downstate Radio division of the Illinois Associated Press Broadcasters Association 2009 Journalism Excellence Contest.

Morning Edition Anchor Alex Degman won 1st place in the BEST HARD NEWS FEATURE category for “Wet Fields, Busy Businesses,” which examined the effects of the late harvest on ag-related businesses in the region.

News Director Rich Egger won 2nd place in the BEST USE OF SOUNDS category for “Horns in the Heartland,” his feature on the International Horn Festival held at WIU in June of last year.

Former student Nick Wilkens won 2nd place in the BEST INVESTIGATIVE SERIES category for “The Mystery Ingredients,” a report about surprising components found in popular energy drinks.

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