Cassidy Carpenter and Gary Davis Directing the NewsTragic Suicide at Farm King

You always hope that students are learning skills in the classroom that will serve them well in their chosen career path, and then you hope students can apply those skills when the time comes.

Broadcasting students at Western are proving they are learning the skills they need AND they can apply them . . . at a moment’s notice, in a dangerous situation, with great professionalism.

When a lone gunman entered Farm King store in Macomb on February 3 and started shooting, no one knew what the outcome would be. Broadcasting students headed where the news was happening and conducted themselves with such skill and professionalism that their video was fed to the Quad Cities. CNN also requested their video footage.

The outcome was the tragic suicide of a young man from Tennessee, IL.

Chair Sharon Evans shared some thoughts about the students and the event on her blog.

“Breaking News” Coverage

A couple of weeks ago there was “breaking news” in Macomb, a story that garnered interest from broadcast stations and viewers across the state.

Our newsroom received a tip about the story. At that moment broadcasting students put into action knowledge and skills acquired in their broadcasting classes. A wiutv3 reporter and videographer were the first news people to arrive on the scene of the incident. Back in the wiutv3 newsroom the executive producer was on the phone to the appropriate authorities getting information, checking facts, and keeping in touch with our news crew. Within the first hour a second news crew went out to assist in covering press conferences and talking to eyewitnesses. Although we were not scheduled to begin live broadcasts until next week, the decision was made to go “Live at Four”, our usual timeslot and inform the public on the story. . . .

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