Oursler’s Sculpture is Macomb Public Art

From University Relations:

Henry Charles "Duke" Ousler, Assistant Professor, WIU Art Department

MACOMB, IL – When Western Illinois University Assistant Professor Duke Oursler was commissioned to create a sculpture for green space on Macomb’s West Jackson Street, he looked to the “character of the community” for inspiration.

The result of Oursler’s work is the new sculpture in the Rotary Clubs’ green space, a tribute to Macomb’s heritage as a train community and to hard work.

“Being new to Macomb, everyone talks about the train and Macomb’s history as a railroad town,” Oursler said. “The railroad itself is a conduit to America; it’s a way we stay connected. I wanted to develop a concept for the sculpture so the railroad was recognizable.”

The main motivation for the piece came from photographs Oursler saw of an American Class steam engine.

“It just seemed to fit Macomb really well,” he said. “It was about the heart of America and a hard working group of people.”

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