Spangler Presents at Utilitarian Clay Symposium

Teapot, Shawn Spangler

Pitcher, Shawn Spangler

Shawn Spangler will be attending Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN September 19-22.

Held every four years since 1992, Arrowmont’s Utilitarian Clay Symposium enjoys an international audience in celebrating and demonstrating the limitless interpretations of the utilitarian clay object. The symposium attracts those who are interested in not only the practical concerns with making functional objects, but also in the more theoretical issues related to the field.

The Symposium, limited to only 200 attendees, provides an intimate atmosphere for meaningful dialogue, discussion and social activities.

Spangler will be one of 17 presenter this year at Utilitarian Clay Symposium VI. Each presenter will be lecturing and giving demonstrations throughout the Symposium while participating in numerous panel discussions. Spangler along with the 17 other presenters have been invited to show in the Utilitarian Clay exhibition.

Spangler says, “It’s was a wonderful surprise to be selected as a presenting artist for this symposium.  Just four years back at the last Symposium it was a few of my professors who were there as presenters so I feel very humbled and a bit nervous.”

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