Paccione’s Student is ASCAP Award Winner

Jeremy Soule, ASCAP's top Video Game Award winner

Jeremy Soule, ASCAP's top Video Game Award winner

Jeremy Soule is not a WIU alum but he was a student of Paul Paccione’s….when he was 11 years old!  And Soule has become one of the most renowned video game composers ever!

From an article in Keokuk’s Daily Gate City online publication,

A Keokuk High School graduate who has been described as the “John Williams of video game music” has received a major award from The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Jeremy Soule was given ASCAP’s Top Video Game Award during the 27th annual awards celebration in Beverly Hills, Calif., last month. Soule composed the music for “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” the best-selling video game of 2011.

“The ASCAP award is a tremendous honor as ASCAP represents the performing rights of more than 160,000 members,” Soule said in an email to the Daily Gate City. “These individuals are professionals in many facets of music and media industries. My award was part of the film and television awards ceremony, and I am the first honoree from the interactive entertainment business to receive this award. To be honored by the world’s greatest creative and business minds in music is a humbling experience.”

Soule was interviewed on the Game Cheats Master website, and when asked about his formal training, he said,

The nearest school to me at that time was Western Illinois University. The head of composition, Dr. Paul Paccione became my first (and most influential) composition teacher. He had a wonderful enthusiasm for music. He was very patient and caring about my gift. I’ll never forget what he did to get me to go down the right paths for my creative life. I also owe a great debt to Dr. Michael Campbell. He was my piano pedagogy teacher that made my introduction to Paul.

Read more about Jeremy Soule on Wikipedia.

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