WIU Alum Abshire’s E*Trade Baby “Best Man” Commercial is Number 1

Tim Abshire's E*Trade Baby "Best Man" winning commercial

Tim Abshire's E*Trade Baby "Best Man" winning commercial

CBS’s Clash of the Commercials: USA vs the World asked the viewers to vote. And the viewers voted Tim Abshire’s, BA Broadcasting 1992, E*Trade Baby “Best Man” commercial the best commercial in the WORLD!

As Best Man at his buddy’s wedding, the E*TRADE Baby reassures the nervous groom about his finances and his new father-in-law, with the help of E*TRADE’s new 360 investing dashboard.

Abshire’s E*Trade baby “Fatherhood” commercial premiered during the 2012 Super Bowl.

The E*TRADE Baby reassures a new dad about planning for his daughter’s future with E*TRADE Financial Consultants — and his friend Bobby stops by for an unexpected surprise visit.

Read more about Abshire and his career.

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