Maker-Made: Students Quene and Racky Exhibit

Maker-Made poster featuring Quene and Racky covered in clay

Maker-Made poster featuring Quene and Racky covered in clay

From Shawn Spangler, Assistant Professor of Art, Ceramics

With Maker Made, Matthew Racky and Belinda Quene share with us the traditionally private world of the creative process.

Their exhibition in the Student Arts Gallery puts both art and process on display, as it will be part working studio, part gallery space.

Quene says “We are placing emphasis on the stages of process that go into the production of a ceramic object.”

Throughout the exhibition’s opening, Racky and Quene will give viewers an intimate look into how they approach their art as they make work in the gallery space. Their work will be presented in various phases, from freshly thrown greenware forms to completely finished vessels. Racky and Quene are allowing viewers to see the multiple stages of creating work, the choices made, and the challenges artists face in the “making” process.

The exhibition will not only exhibit finished sellable products but also challenge the public’s perception of ceramics and artistic practice.

Racky and Quene are young developing artists with great potential. Their skills on and off the potters wheel allow them to create exceptional forms, tailored to their individual artistic visions. Viewing these processes will give the audience the unique experience of watching art as it is being conceived. Oftentimes viewing artistic techniques informs one’s understanding of a maker’s work.

Similar to the Fluxus artists of the 1970’s Racky and Quene’s exhibition is a performance that highlights the connection between objects and the practice of making them. In this instance, they offer viewers insight into the full spectrum of their process, seeing a lump of clay turned into a realized object.

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