COFAC Celebrates its Accomplished Scholars

At the end of every semester, it is always a pleasure for the College of Fine Arts and Communication to announce its Department Scholars, and from those scholars, to announce the COFAC College Scholar. Each department nominates an outstanding student in each of its degree tracks, and the College Scholar is selected from those students.

This year the College of Fine Arts and Communication College Scholar is Abby Chien, Peoria, IL.  Abby has earned a BA in Music and has a 4.00 GPA.  Way to go Abby!!

Abby was chosen among the incredibly talented spring 2012 COFAC Department Scholars.  The Department Scholars had GPAs ranging from 3.533 to 4.00 and two of the department scholars are international students.  These are outstanding students.

The Department Scholars are the following:

  • Corinne Cushman, BA Art, Geneseo, IL
  • Elizabeth Clothier, BFA Art, Macomb, IL
  • Steven Hodges, BA Broadcasting, Chicago, IL
  • Courtney L. Richardson, BS Communication Sciences and Disorders, Chandlerville, IL
  • Charity Otte, BA Communication, Freeport, IL
  • Andrea Beltran Landers, BM Music, Lima, Peru
  • Abby Levine Chien, BA Music, Peoria, IL
  • Anna Cline, BFA Musical Theatre, Grafton, IL
  • Alejandro Buceta, BA Theatre, Spain

Congratulations to all of the exceptional students of the College of Fine Arts and Communication.  COFAC is proud of everyone of its students, and we especially congratulate our Department Scholars and our College Scholar.

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