Graduate Assistantships

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Graduate assistantships are award programs which provide students with work opportunities in a job closely related to the academic field of study. Students with graduate assistantships in Communication Sciences and Disorders receive a monthly stipend and a waiver of tuition. Salaries for assistantships are set at the Vice Presidential level. Appointees on a two-month contract or greater will receive a tuition waiver for the period of appointment and for the summer session immediately preceding or following the period of appointment. The waiver does not include insurance costs or student fees.

Graduate assistants must adhere to the same standards of professional ethics as regular faculty. Assistants must meet their normal assigned duties but are not be asked or required to perform additional duties and complete jobs assigned to them throughout their assistantship. Graduate assistants must be full-time students (at least 9 semester hours) without other employment. Graduate assistants must also maintain a 3.0 G.P.A.