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Guitar lessons are currently being offered through the WIU Community Music School for players of all levels and in all genres of music. Students study in a one-on-one situation with their private teacher and will learn the necessary skills to allow them to play both lead and rhythm guitar. Students can also study in a variety of musical genres including Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical and Folk. Lessons are taught once per week, though bi-weekly lessons may be available, and lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.

Lesson Times

Lessons are arranged with the instructor during the Fall or Spring term. Weekend lessons may be available.

Lesson Locations

Guitar lessons are currently offered in Macomb at WIU, in Browne Hall.


Peter Yore

Peter Yore has been playing guitar for 11 years and is a Music Business Major at Western Illinois University. He has been playing guitar in WIU’s Jazz Combo program and the Jazz Guitar Ensemble for 3 years. He has experience playing a wide array of genres including R&B, Soul, Funk, Blues, Rock, Reggae, and Jazz.

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  • 15 minute lessons - for young children
  • 30 minute lessons - $15
  • 45 minute lessons - $22.50
  • 60 minute lessons - $30

For more information, contact

Richard Cangro, CMS Director
Phone: (309) 298-3114