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Session Information and Dates

Spring Session
Date: Wednesdays , February 1 - April 26, 2017 (12 classes - no session March 15)
Time: - 5:15-6:00pm
Tuitio: - $120 tuition
Room - Browne 205

Why Music?

Music powerfully affects humanity, uniquely engages the mind and the body, and unites people of the world, expressively communicating what cannot be understood through any other means.

Music in the lives of every person, beginning at birth,

  • has a powerful effect on brain development, capacity, and function.
  • is essential for the development of locomotion and coordination
  • is vital in the development and conceptual understanding of time, weight, space and flow in body movement, coordination, and expression.
  • can bring about much healing and wellness

Music is a powerful ingredient in the development of every child!

Why now?

The early years of life are crucial for establishing a foundation for lifelong music development. Family Music Classes at the Community Music School bring musical play time activities to life, teaching you and your child how to sing together in class and at home. In a playful manner, children develop sensory awareness, language, motor, creative and social skills, along with gaining a wide repertoire of music. These classes combine the wonder and enrichment of folk songs, classical music, exploratory play, and creative movement, bringing you the best experiences to share with your child.

About the Teacher

Courtney Johnson has demonstrated a long-term resolve to reach students through music. From 2003 until 2010, her position at Lincoln Elementary School in Macomb allowed her to introduce kindergarten students to the joy of learning through standards-based music instruction. Children cooperatively engaged in singing, playing, movement and reading activities. Before moving to Macomb, Mrs. Johnson taught middle school music for four years, where she worked to integrate character education into the vocal music curriculum. She also developed curricula for teaching world music and guitar. Mrs. Johnson's primary intent has always been to inspire a love for both music and learning while helping children make positive connections with those around them.

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  • 15 minute lessons - for young children
  • 30 minute lessons - $15
  • 45 minute lessons - $22.50
  • 60 minute lessons - $30

For more information, contact

Richard Cangro, CMS Director
Phone: (309) 298-3114

Courtney Johnson, Teacher