A Sampling of Recent Theses Titles - WIU Communication Graduate Students

Davisson, Amber (2006). Closeness or separateness?: Narrative paradigm analysis of One Tree and fan fiction based on the television show.

Farwell, Christina (2011). Measurements of effective teaching in the traditional and on-line contexts: Teacher immediacy, student motivation, and student learning.

Felts, Oresta (2007). Superior-subordinate conflict management face-to-face and in a mediated setting.

Haynes, Mary (2004). Let’s fall in love: A comparison of the initiation and development of romantic relationships between on-line and face-to-face partners.

Hill, Sarah (2011). Those who think are those who ink: A theory of reasoned action approach to decisions regarding body modification.

King, Michele L. (2006). Romantic jealousy, relational uncertainty and relational maintenance in long-distance relationships.

Knapp, Christiana M. (2006). Married couples who work together versus who work separately: Differences in marital satisfaction, job satisfaction, intimacy and shared experiences.

Mufteyeva, Alfiya (2006). Relational maintenance behaviors, relational satisfaction and commitment related to father's involvement with his child.

Norton, Holly E. (2010). Involvement of nontraditional students and communication variables predictive of academic success and persistence.

Orlandini/Krier, Lena (2008). Investigating the associations between parental pampering, narcissism, and attachment style.

Schoonover, Katie (2012). The audience challenge of cross-sex friendships.

Smith, Stacey M. (2003). Feminine political rhetorical style and feminine myth.

Zanolla, David A. (2005). A pentadic analysis of the dramas created in the 2004 nomination acceptance addresses.

A Sampling of Recent Creative Project Titles by WIU Communication Graduate Students:

Feldman, Shawn (2004). A communication audit of Sierra International.

Gonzalez, Bernardo (2003). A communication audit for the corporate office of Administrative Resource Options.

Hopphan, Jennifer (2001). Using the Internet to build community in Table Grove, Illinois: An information campaign aimed at educating community members on how to utilize readily available technology to their town's advantage.

Roth, April (2007). Training the adult learner: A seminar in critical listening.

Torri, Sharon L. (2002). Teachers, technology and TLTC: A persuasive campaign for the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center.

Travis, Debra C. (2005). Advancing educational growth: A persuasive campaign for the Thompson Lecture.

Walker, Matthew (2002). A communication audit for the Security Department of Par-a-Dice Riverboat Casino.

Ward, Shannon M. (2002). "But I'm an Executive – What do you mean I need to learn a thing or two?": A learning development program for executive managers tasked with creating a learning organization.

Wentzel, Ashley (2010). Hey You...Listen up! A workshop centered around effective listening skills: A creative project.

Wright, Michaela (2005). “Bring on the Heat!” fashion show: A persuasive campaign for promoting the Western Illinois Summer fashion show.