Career Preparation Day - Program 2017


Registration (University Union Grand Ballroom entrance)

Welcome (8:20) (University Union Grand Ballroom) by Stacey Macchi (Dept. of Communication)



"From College to Career: A Cinderella-Like Transformation"
Erica Mitchell

You've mastered the transition from high school to college, but do you know how to conquer the transition from college to career? No fear! That's why I am here! In this session, you will learn tips and tricks on how to master this life-changing transition. You will learn how to properly balance your work life with your personal life and discover how those parts of your life influence each other.


"It's More Than Having A "Good" Resume: The Modern Job Search"
Michelle Howe

Today's job search is rapidly evolving with the usage of social media and the ever changing nature of careers in our current economy. Discover current job search techniques and learn how WIU graduates landed their first job after school.



"Negotiating Pay"
Bruce Western

Are you shy, intimidated, or uncomfortable talking to an employer about pay? Successful negotiation is based on preparation and patience. Learn to anticipate what you may need to know when you speak with any potential employer about compensation.


"Grad School 101"
Brandon Johnson

Thinking about applying to graduate school can be a daunting task. You may be thinking... is there an application process? Do I have to go on an interview? What school should I chose? How do I pay for it? Hear advice about what to do if you are thinking of continuing your education!



"Mind Your Business & Outshine the Competition"
Cam Brown

COMMUNICATION changes lives and today is the day your life will change! Learn how to put your mind into your 'OWN' business! Let your Comm. degree work for you! Have you ever thought of running yourself like a business? Learn and understand how to become a business owner and entrepreneur in a day! How do we capitalize on resources to create opportunity? Are you afraid to shake a new hand? Be the first to know how handshakes and communication can close the deal! Everyday we are selling something whether it's an idea or opinion. Bring your mind and leave everything else at home! Today you will leave with your "Golden Ticket To Success."


"Internship Ideas & Why They Are So Important"
Ian Clark

Have you wondered what internships would be interesting, fun, adventurous, be a great opportunity for the future and would look great on a resume? I can help you narrow your search and tell you how to make the most out of your internship, no matter what you want to do in the future.


Welcome by: Dr. Peter Jorgensen (Chair, Department of Communication)

Presentation of Thompson Scholar Awards

Keynote Speaker Minda Harts presents "Life After WIU: 5 Steps to Success"



"How I've Thrived With A Communication Degree"
Andrea Shetler

Agency life is tough, and digital marketing is competitive. How do you manage juggling multiple clients while working to enhance your portfolio and advance your career? What can you be doing NOW to prepare yourself for a future at an advertising agency? Once you land that job, how do you work to keep your head above water while thriving in the ever-changing digital environment? Don't worry -- with a Communication Degree, you will find yourself more than prepared. Stop by and let's talk about how we can set ourselves up for success in our future agency careers.


"It's All About PESO"
Mike Garrish

Understand how you use paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) messaging channels to drive effective marketing communications.



"Navigate through the issues - leaving a job you hate and tips to avoid drowning in student debt"
Alison Tinnon

From leaving a first job you hate to living within a post college budget while paying back your student loans. There is light at the end of the tunnel - you just have to work for it. Let's discuss tips and life experience on how to navigate through both situations.


"Don't Worry! Or ... What I Wished I Knew Before I Left WIU"
Kevin Lampe

A light but necessary talk about the things to know about the real world. Your major won't matter today, but will tomorrow; getting fired is good; keep your eyes and ears opened; your first job will not be your last job; work in food service; travel the world; "yes" is the magic word.



"5 Traits to Advance Your Career & Craft Your Success Story"
Andria Sadowski

You've checked all your academic boxes, landed your first job, now what? Come hear about the 5 traits to better advance your own career and craft your success story.


"Overcoming Perceived Failures -- Relax, This Happens to Everyone"
James Shetler

Whether you go to grad school or straight to the workplace, there can always be times where you feel like you have failed at something. Just like in class... some days you can't help but think to yourself that you'll never amount to anything. These feelings don't go out the window when you walk across the stage at graduation. Come listen to how I have dealt with some personal shortcomings and learn how you might be able to overcome perceived failures in your own life.



"America's Next Top Model: WIU Professional Dress Style"
Michelle Howe

Learn the "do's" and "don'ts" of professional interview and workplace attire; judge for yourself who is the best dressed student at WIU!


"Resume Workshop"

Meet with professionals in the field for this session to receive feedback on your resume. You must bring your resume with you.

3:30 -

Networking Social

Attend this interactive session and receive a quick lesson on networking and then practice your networking skills with Department of Communication alumni, Career Preparation Day presenters, Communication Department faculty, and your fellow students..