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Online Resources for Copyright-Free Content

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Copyright Revisited
A Few Guiding Principles on copyright. What you can do and what you can't. 

Copyright Slider
If you find content online and it has a copyright or registered trademark, it may or may not be available for use. Use this site to find out if you can legally use it. - Image Search Engine
Source for copyright-free images you can use for your video.

Flickr-Storm - Copyright-free images for your video. Another image search engine for copyright images you can use for your video.

PicFindr searches the web for stock photography that is completely free to use commercially. Several licensing arrangements have recently emerged as alternatives to copyright and PicFindr makes sense of them all by helping you find images based on what you have to do to use them, whether licensed under Creative Commons, GNU, a site-specific agreement, or something else. PicFindr can even find free images you can use commercially without requiring permission or credit of any kind!

Sprixi is another free image search engine. Once you land on the site, using Sprixi is just a three step process – Search, Choose and Use. Sprixi sorts all images into topics. You can browse the topics in graphics or text using the Browse link placed right at the foot of the page.

Free explosion footage
Web site that has free downloads of explosions you can key over your primary content. - Video stock footage site
Somewhat limited selection of content free to download.
Free stock footage (HD) to download.
A HUGE selection of stock footage at this normally pay per download site. You can sign up and get 7 days free. No obligation. I have used this site myself.  

Internet Archive of stock footage for free.
A extensive list of stock footage for free, but not categorized so it's a little hard to find something in particular. Still, there's plenty here  

YouTube video showing you sites for free video
Nice video showing sites including some listed here on sites that have free footage you can use

Free video loops you can use as backgrounds
Video loops - seamless so they repeat without a jump. There are 6 on this site.
Free stock footage to download  

Great collection of free stock footage
Huge list of stock footage to download  

Free production music to download
Tons of free production music available to download - the name says it all
Yes: Tracks on this site are available for royalty-free use in films, video games, YouTube videos or other digital  multimedia productions. The recordings labeled as "FREE" can be used without any subscription payments or licensing fees provided that the composer and the URL (web address) of this web site are included in the "credits" section of your production as described in the licensing terms. Tracks labeled as "1 credit" are licensed only to subscribers who have purchased download credits. - 25 tracks free to use
You are hereby granted a Standard License from MusicRevolution for the 25 royalty-free production music tracks on this page. You are free to use them in your broadcast, web, on hold, physical media or corporate video productions per our Standard License agreement. They are provided to you as a download in MP3 format (192 kbps). The audio watermark you hear will NOT be in the tracks you download.
All music in this online collection created by Jason Shaw. Released under Creative Commons license 3.0 You are free to use the music (even for commercial purposes) as long as you credit “” where possible. Music must be part of some other created works. No further permission is required.