University Bands

Information Guide

  • Eligibility for trip with enrollment in MUS 113, 116 or 117 for fall semester, 2013
  • Trip Dates: March 13-23, 2014
  • Tentative Itinerary:

March 13       Travel to Salvador, Bahia, Brasil via Chicago ORD

March 14       Arrive – welcome event in World Cup Stadium

March 15       Performances and workshops in Salvador

March 16       Charter Cruise to private island

March 17       Begin 3-day humanitarian trip to the interior of Bahia, collaborating, teaching, and performing

March 20       Return to Salvador – day off at beaches

March 21       Salvador Wind & Percussion Festival with Universidade Federal da Bahia

March 22       Conclude Wind and Percussion Festival with mass band performances

March 23       Travel home to Illinois

What you need to do this summer:

  • Talk this over with parents. Direct them to links/websites for information.
  • Talk with HS director/relatives: try to obtain donated instruments and bring back to WIU
  • Obtain a US Passport:
    • o   If you have a current passport, it must have expiration later than September 24, 2014.
    • Do NOT obtain a Brasilian Visa yet! We will obtain as a group, 90 days before be leave.
    • Go to WIU Bands website and fill out your contract. Mail back to WIU or bring in August.
    • Save money! Wash cars! Work for neighbors! Try and realize this huge opportunity!

  Other Facts:

  • Naperville Central and John Hersey High Schools will travel with us.
  • Australian and Chinese Bands aggressively investigating this festival.
  • Celebrity Yanni has asked us to advertise on his website and may compose a piece for us!
  • Companies in US/Brasil get 100% tax deduction for sponsoring our trip.
  • Parents/non-WIU personnel can go on trip. $2750/person is cost to attend.