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Orville Jones

Orville Jones

On October 8, 1914, The Courier reported the following:

There are at present twenty-three members in the band, eighteen of whom where here last year. Although Iva Benner, last year’s leader, is not here, the organization is not wanting in this respect, for Orville Jones has been chosen for that position, and he no doubt is very capable. (Band Has Strong Organization, p. 1)

Orville Jones was a recent graduate of the Western Illinois Academy, as identified in this March 6, 1916 article from The Courier:

Mr. Orville Jones, a member of our last year’s twelfth grade class, recently took the teachers’ examination for a first grade certificate. He proved his metal by being the only successful. After several months as leader, an unexpected event altered Jones’ role in the band. On March 4, 1915, The Courier reported the following:

Orville Jones was called home last week on account of the serious illness of his father, and is not probable that he will return to school this quarter. Owing to the absence of Mr. Jones the band has elected Mr. Clarence Clute as leader. (Local News, p. 3)

As predicted, Jones did not return to the school to continue his class work or leadership activities with the band. He was never listed again as a member of the Western Illinois band.