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Harlow Wyne

Harlow Wyne

In the March 20, 1913 Report to the Board of Trustees, Western Illinois’ President, Walter Morgan reported the following:

We have had a rather remarkable group of young men here this year who are interested in a school band. There are twenty-four of them. They have practiced faithfully and helped out wonderfully in furnishing entertainment for the school (p. 65).

On January 9, 1913, The Courier revealed the source of leadership for the first band after the dormant period in the following report:

A band has lately been organized among the students, Harlow Wyne being chiefly instrumental in its organization. Regular practices are being held and plans are being made to make it a permanent organization throughout the school year. (Band, The, p. 4)

Wyne was a twelfth grader at the Western Illinois Academy, housed at the Western Illinois Normal School. He was also identified as a member of the Phi Sigma Upsilon fraternity at the Normal School (The Sequel, 1913, p. 82) and a member of the baseball team, playing infield (The Sequel, 1913, p. 118). Wyne is shown holding a French horn in the band’s picture in the yearbook, but no listing of membership and instruments played are given.

It cannot be confirmed that he actually ran the rehearsals and led the band in performance; however, it is probable based on the mention of him above anyone else regarding the band and its performances throughout the school year. After one year leading the band, Wyne is no longer mentioned as a member of the band organization.