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Charles Wright

Art draws on an expansive array of human knowledge and experience; therefore a university, such as Western Illinois University, is an ideal setting to take general education, physical and social science, and other classes to become thinking artists that look beyond the ordinary to find original visual solutions to complex design problems.

Welcome to the Department of Art web site. Along with finding Art degree program information, I hope you will find helpful information about admission procedures, scholarship opportunities, faculty, student organizations, study abroad opportunities, visiting artists lectures and workshops, and more. I know this site will not be able to answer all you questions, so please feel free to e-mail or call me. Better still, I hope you visit Western Illinois University's campus and meet with me, or any of the other Art faculty.

Your interest in the Art program at Western is very much appreciated; therefore, I look forward to hearing from or meeting with you.

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Charles Wright
Chair, Department of Art
Western Illinois University
Phone: 309•298•1549